iPad at Work: Replacing Cash Registers at Urban Outfitters

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iPad at Work at Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters, the popular retail fashion chain, is ditching cash registers and replacing them with iPads. They’ll also be equipping their sales people with iPod Touches.

As Business Insider reports, their CIO is bullish about the switch to iPads:.

iPads, he explained, cost about 1/5th as much as a cash register, and can be used for so much. As shown in the picture, they can be turned towards the customer, who can view content, put in personal information, use it as a gift registry and so forth.

What’s more, it makes a lot more sense from a space usage standpoint. An iPad on a swivel that’s not in use can quickly be taken off, with that space being used for packing or more merchandising or anything else.

This is another fine example of how the iPad is used as far more than just a ‘consumption’ device, as Microsoft always seems to want to portray it. Back in August we learned that AT&T is rolling out iPads as primary point of sale devices in their retail stores, and I see other similar reports quite often – so this now looks like something of a growing trend in retail.

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