iPad at Work – Replacing MacBook Pros at Apple Store Genius Bars

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This sounds like a great new job for iPads. According to a report this weekend at 9to5Mac, iPad are set to be replacing MacBook Pros soon at at least some Apple retail stores.

Apple Store Geniuses currently use these MacBook Pros to access a piece of software called GCRM. This software allows Apple Store Geniuses to see if a customer’s product is in warranty, what repairs can be done to it, the recent repairs done to the device, and what parts can be ordered for it. In addition, research can be done on these MacBook Pros on how to repair and repairs can be ordered through the laptops. Now, Apple is supplying Apple Stores with iPads that can mirror that functionality and replace the MacBook Pros.

Replacing the MacBook Pros with iPads should be a big win for customers – as it will free up space at the Genius Bar counters and allow Geniuses to move around the store to help more customers all over the store, not just at the Genius Bar areas.

Anything that helps speed up the process of getting help from a Genius is going to be a very popular change, among staff and customers alike. I hope we’ll soon see this change implemented in the local Apple stores here in Austin.

Image Source: www.mspmentor.net

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