iPad at Work: Showing Its Versatility in Hospitals

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Hospitals around the world are yet another area where the iPad is seeing increasing use. As Apple Insider reports, the range of use for the iPad in hospitals is also expanding. What strikes me about their report is the number of different uses being found for the iPad – by nurses, doctors, and now patients and visitors as well.

Here are some of the current uses of iPads in hospitals mentioned in the report that show the tablet’s versatility:

— As a kiosk for patients and visitors to check in and access information

— As a source of up-to-date information for doctors before and during patient visits – giving access to patients’ data for analysis and diagnosis.

— Mounted iPads are used for EKG and other diagnostic machines.

Nurses, technicians and doctors are said to view the iPad as a great time-saver in all of these and other use cases for it.

I’m no doctor, nor could I ever even come close to playing one on TV, but to me the iPad seems a very natural fit for use in hospitals and doctor’s offices. Its instant on ability, big high-quality display and powerful range of specialist medical apps, should make it an ideal device for these environments.

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