iPad at Work: the Denver Broncos Will Use It as Their Playbook Next Season

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iPad as Denver Broncos Playbook

Damn – the iPad sure does get around. It never ceases to amaze me just how versatile the iPad is and how it’s being put to work in such a diverse range of organizations. The latest proof of this is new that the Denver Broncos plan to to get rid of their 500 page printed playbooks and instead use the iPad in the coming 2012 NFL season.

As The Denver Post reports, the Broncos will be doling out the top-of-the-line 64GB 4G LTE (with Verizon) models to  120 players, coaches, scouts and other personnel. The iPads will be used each week’s game plan, scouting reports, video clips and more.

Switching to the iPad will eliminate the need for thousands of pages of printouts of game plans and playbook changes, and may also help to give the Broncos a competitive edge – as only two other NFL teams use the iPad as their playbook, the Ravens and the Buccaneers.

Here are just a couple of the key advantages of switching over to the iPad:

Now when Broncos head coach John Fox adds a play, the update will be pushed automatically to the playbook app on each player’s iPad.

A key component to the software is that it runs in the background even when a player is not reviewing the playbook, enabling the app to determine when a coach has an update to push to players, such as a new short-yardage and goal-line package.

"It used to require players to come in, meet as a group, hand off pieces of paper, ‘Here’s your new play,’ " said Bob Paulsen, PlayerLync chief executive. "Now it’s all going to be automatically downloaded."

Before if a printed copy of the playbook was lost or misplaced, there was little hope of getting it back. If an iPad with the Broncos playbook and other sensitive information on it is lost, it can be easily remote wiped to erase all content.

So now the Broncos have John Elway in management, Peyton Manning under center, and iPads doing much more than traditional playbooks – sounds like an awfully good setup to me. I’d love to see Manning talk about what he thinks of the switch to iPads.

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2 thoughts on “iPad at Work: the Denver Broncos Will Use It as Their Playbook Next Season”

  1. I am surprised that all professional teams have not gone to this … And I would expect that a lot of the big time college programs will go this route as well …

    1. I think we’ll see lots more pro and college teams going this way soon. It’s also being used heavily in the NBA and Major League Baseball.

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