iPad at Work – In the Hands of a Great Artist

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Poppy Field by Corliss Blakely

Corliss Blakely is an accomplished and recognized artist, and is now rapidly becoming a famous iPad and iPhone artist.  The UK’s Telegraph newspaper has recently featured her beautiful iPad art in an article, noting that they could easily be mistaken for oil paintings or watercolors – despite having been created entirely with fingers and iPad apps.

Corliss is also a very good friend of the site, or of mine I should say really.  She was even kind enough to create the site banner image for my little site that covers iPhone and iPad art.

It’s great to see Corliss gaining more acclaim for her works on the iPad – and to hear that’s she’s having so much fun with it.  I love her quote below about it being the new canvas for artists …

"It’s a lot of fun. I sent out one image to a customer of mine and he thought it was an oil. I can now paint anywhere and anytime – the iPad gives artists such freedom, it is truly is the new canvas for artists"

To see lots more of Corliss’ wonderful work on the iPad, go here:


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