Jailbroken iPad at Work – at a Lexus Dealership

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Here’s an iPad at Work story you don’t see very often – a jailbroken iPad in use at a Lexus dealership in Florida. These photos, courtesy of ModMyi forum member Auntuell Mills, show an iPad with Cydia installed in use at an ‘iPad Station’ for waiting customers.

I wonder how many of those Lexus customers walked out shaking their heads and wondering why their iPads can’t do some of the things the ‘Lexus iPad’ can.

Via: iDownloadBlog

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3 thoughts on “Jailbroken iPad at Work – at a Lexus Dealership”

  1. Probably done by another customer with jailbreakme.com? I was at a Verizon store last week and all their iPhones and iPads were jbed (not by me!) kind of rude behavior.

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