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I’ve posted several times in the past about the iPad at work with commercial airlines and with the US Air Force. I’m always interested to see how versatile the iPad is and how it is becoming an effective (and sometimes essential) tool in so many diverse work environments.

So I was fascinated to see Erica Ogg’s recent post at GigaOm titled How a pilot uses the iPad. In it she interviews her husband, a search-and-rescue helicopter pilot, on the ways the iPad is used in his job and also some ways the use could be extended.

Here’s just a snippet on how the iPad is put to use by the pilot:

… when I do pre-flight planning, I need to know what’s going on in our entire “area of responsibility” for the next 24-hour period we’re on duty. Before we assume the watch, we’re responsible for checking the current and forecast weather at our base and all major airports in our area. That’s in addition to knowing radio navigation aids that are inoperative and runways that are closed, FAA temporary flight restrictions (places we can’t fly) — these pop up at the last minute. There are legal and flight safety implications of us not knowing that.

And before the iPad, I’d have to sit down at a computer and go to half a dozen websites to know when the sun goes up and down, when the moon comes up, if it’s going to be overcast, direction of the winds. The reason it’s so life changing with the iPad is 90 percent of what I need for a day [of work] is in one app, Foreflight (free, but requires in-app subscription) — I click one app and can bring up aviation charts with overlays of cloud coverage, temperature, winds and other weather activity and TFRs (temporary flight restriction areas) on the picture of the map.

The whole article is a great read – check it out here:

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