Angry Birds Seasons HD for iPad Out Now

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Angry Birds Seasons HD

Angry Birds Seasons HD was released in the App Store last night. This is the latest holiday-themed version of Angry Birds for the iPad, following on from the recent Halloween edition release. It’s also a free update if you had previously purchased Angry Birds Halloween.

Here’s a little slice of the Angry Birds Seasons HD App Store description:

Count down the 25 days of Christmas with Angry Birds!
Frolic in the fun new levels in a snow-filled winter wonderland!
A very merry Golden Egg full of holiday spirit!

I installed the app last night but  then got distracted with TV and only had a very quick peek at the fist level. I’m sure I’ll be giving it plenty of attention soon though.

If you bought Angry Birds Halloween HD, you should see Angry Birds Seasons HD as a free update. Otherwise, you can find it in the App Store now, priced at $1.99.

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2 thoughts on “Angry Birds Seasons HD for iPad Out Now”

  1. Angry Birds has become so mainstream (I’d risk to say that if they stay among us for one more year it will become a classic like Pac-Man) that other companies are taking advantage of it to promote themselves using the brand. Also, the game itself is present almost in every gaming platform available, whether it is mobile or deskptop, even on major consoles. And now there’s also a game set to play angry birds live and even cakes that take a really long time to do….among one million other pieces of merchandise.

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