Battle of the Bulge iPad Game Is in the App Store Now!

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Battle of the Bulge iPad game

Battle of the Bulge, the superb historical wargame for iPad, is available in the iPad App Store now. If you follow this site at all you know I’m a huge fan of this game. I’ve been talking about it ever since I backed it as a Kickstarter project and was lucky enough to be included in the beta testing team for it.

I’ve been playing it for weeks leading up to the release, so when I say it’s a superb game that’s based on experience. I’ve been a fan of strategic wargames since I was a kid playing them as board games, and this is exactly the sort of iPad game I’ve been wishing for. Here’s a slice of its App Store intro:

Battle of the Bulge is a historical wargame, designed specifically for iPad. Award-winning designers, developers, and artists created this turn-based simulation in the spirit of traditional board wargames. Pieces represent actual military units fighting on the terrain of the famous WWII battle.
• Play three ways: online through Game Center; vs a computer opponent; or Pass & Play
• Fast turns, deep strategy
• Two scenarios: a quick, tense, fight in the opening days; and a campaign covering the entire battle
• Tutorial, quick start guide, and online strategy forums help players learn to play and to explore the game’s subtleties
• Extensive historical photos, film, and commentary
• Retina support
• First of a series of WWII titles by legendary designers: El Alamein, covering the decisive battle in North Africa, is in development for release in 2013.

It’s great to see the game is racking up 5-star ratings in the App Store already – they’re well deserved. I’ll be doing a review of the game soon too.

Here’s an App Store link for Battle of the Bulge for iPad; it’s priced at $9.99. Go Get It.

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