Battle of the Bulge iPad Game Updated: Adds New Scenarios and New AI Opponents

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Battle of the Bulge iPad game

The Battle of the Bulge iPad game has been updated – adding 3 new scenarios and 2 new artificial intelligence opponents.

Battle of the Bulge is a fantastic, old school strategic wargame for the iPad, made by a wonderful group of long-time wargame developers at Shenandoah Studio. And this is a major update that should give players many, many more hours of enjoyment from this already stellar game.

Highlights of this update include:

— A new free scenario, titled ‘Bitter End’ – enables the historical campaign game to be played to the end of the last day of the historical battle, regardless of how well or badly either side is playing, with the possibility of a draw.

— Another new free scenario called ‘Luck of the Draw’ – which resets the historical campaign game with a random setup and altered reinforcement schedule.

— One new paid scenario called ‘The Endgame’ – a $3.99 In-App purchase – which depicts the counterattack by General Patton that relieved the siege on Bastogne.

— Two new AI opponent options, available at $1.99 each as In-App purchases:

Omar Bradley for the Allies, who is careful and relentless, and Hasso Von Manteuffel for the Axis, who “throws the usual Axis playbook out the window.”

I installed the update yesterday afternoon and immediately bought The Endgame scenario. I played it against the AI a couple times last night as the Axis and got trounced both times. I’ll soon try the other new scenarios and playing all of them against both the AI and against online opponents. If any of you are playing Battle of the Bulge, look me up for an online game. I’m patrickj in Game Center.

And if you’re a fan of strategic wargames and you’re not playing Battle of the Bulge on the iPad yet – then get on it, stat. :)

Here’s an App Store link for Battle of the Bulge; it’s priced at $9.99.

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