Battle of the Bulge Lite (free) for iPad Out Now, Full Game on Sale Too

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Battle of the Bulge Lite iPad game

Battle of the Bulge Lite was released on the iPad App Store yesterday. This is the new, free version of the superb Battle of the Bulge strategic wargame for the iPad. This new Lite version of the game offers unlimited play of one of the game’s most interesting scenarios – ‘Race to the Meuse’, with all its features and modes of play.

Here’s a little more on Battle of the Bulge Lite and its notable features, via its App Store page:

Battle of the Bulge is a historical wargame, designed specifically for iPad. It’s a turn-based simulation in the spirit of traditional board wargames. Pieces represent actual military units fighting on the terrain of the famous WWII battle.
• Play three ways: online through Game Center, vs. computer opponents, or Pass & Play
• Unlimited play of “Race to the Meuse,” a short, tense fight in the opening days of the battle
• Match wits with two canny AI generals with distinct personalities
• Play any of the scenarios from Battle of the Bulge via Game Center when invited
• Tutorial, quick start guide, and online strategy forums help players learn to play and to explore the game’s subtleties
• Extensive historical photos, film, and commentary
• Retina support
• Introduction to a series of WWII titles by legendary designers: El Alamein, covering the decisive battle in North Africa, is in development for release in 2013

I’ve been a big fan of strategic wargames for many years, form back in the days of board games covering battles and wars from ancient times through the two World Wars and modern warfare. Battle of the Bulge is easily the best of this genre that I’ve seen come to the iPad. The full game is normally priced at $9.99 and is more than worth every penny of that. It’s on sale until May 26 at 30% off to mark the arrival of the new Lite version.

If you enjoy wargames and own an iPad, Battle of the Bulge Lite is a great introduction to what’s possible with this type of game on the iPad – and with the full game on sale as well for a few days this is an especially good time to try it out.

Here are App Store links for Battle of the Bulge Lite and Battle of the Bulge for iPad.

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