Battle of the Bulge Lite (free version) for iPad Coming Soon

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Battle of the Bulge Lite for iPad

A new free version of the fantastic Battle of the Bulge iPad game is coming soon. Battle of the Bulge Lite was submitted to Apple for approval on May 16 and could hit the iPad App Store any day now.

Battle of the Bulge Lite will feature the ‘Race to the Meuse’ scenario from the full Battle of the Bulge game, with unlimited play in single player and online multiplayer modes. The Race to the Meuse scenario simulates the first three days of the Axis surprise attack in 1944. It can be played online against friends or random online opponents; or versus the game’s excellent AI.

Some of the other features of the new Lite version of Battle of the Bulge include:

• A quick start guide, to get you playing fast

• An interactive tutorial to teach you the game more in depth

• Extensive history notes and photographs about the battle

• Strategy hints and tips

• Full rules to the game, with all charts and tables, to really know how the game works under the hood

Battle of the Bulge Lite for iPad

An upgrade to the full version of the game – with more scenarios and varied AI opponents – is available via In-App purchase.

Battle of the Bulge Lite will be a great way to get to know this outstanding iPad wargame for free. I’ve found the Race to the Meuse scenario to be among my favorites in the full game, and I’m sure it will prove to be a great gateway to the full game for many users.

I’ll post again when Battle of the Bulge Lite is released, here’s hoping that will be very soon.

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