Cat Games: That’s Right, It’s an iPad App for Your Cat

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Has your cat got two dollars laying around that he just can’t figure out a way to spend? Here’s a good option for him: Cat Games for iPad. Yes, it’s an iPad game designed for the amusement of your cat.

Stimulate your cat with these cat games on your iPad. Watch your cat try to grab fish, foil balls, bugs, strings, mice, and lasers. Cats in particular "indoor" cats crave stimulation of their hunting instincts. For the price of a cheap catnip based toy you can have an app that will entertain your cat for long into the future.


I’ve given it a quick trial run in the iPad Insight testing labs, with the assistance of our App Testing Kitten (pictured above, hard at work) and an iPad with an excellent screen protector on it. Kids: don’t try this at home without a good screen protector!

So far, he seems bemused by the game but not fascinated with it. I tried the mouse, spiders, a laser-pen-like red light, and the ball of yarn. He’s interested and following the movement, but not yet diving in and trying to ‘get’ the moving objects. He’s not a big morning cat though, so perhaps he’ll get into it properly later on.

Here’s an App Store link for Cat Games; it’s priced at $1.99.

If you and your cat have given this one a go, let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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