Civil War: 1863 iPad Game Updated – Adds Ability to Play as Union or Confederate

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Civil War 1863 iPad game

Civil War: 1863 for iPad has been updated today, to Version 1.1. The biggest new feature in this update is the ability to play as either Union or Confederate in all the campaigns – previously the side you were in command of was set in each campaign.

Another notable new feature is the addition of a ship unit – the USS Monitor. That sounds like fun to try out.  Here’s the remainder of the change list for this new version:

● Added: Support for iPhone 5 display resolution.
● Changed: The minimum iOS version has increased from 4.2 to 4.3.
● Fixed: It should no longer seem as if your campaign progress has been “lost” after connecting to/disconnecting from Game Centre.
● Fixed: When a unit that contained a general was destroyed by impact support shooting, the general would stay in the hex next to the enemy.
● Fixed: When the AI attempted a move involving a rare combination of terrain, Fog of War and enemies, the AI would stop playing and you would have to start the scenario again.

I did a review of Civil War: 1863 for iPad a few weeks back, and was very impressed with it. It’s one of my favorite iPad games. This update checks off the very first item I mentioned in my wish list in my review, with the ability to command both sides in the campaigns. I’ll definitely be giving it some more play soon and trying out that new ship unit.

Here’ an App Store link for Civil War: 1863; it’s priced at $1.99 and is a universal app that will run on both iPad and iPhone.

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