Civil War: 1863 iPad Game Updated – New Missions & Campaigns

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Civil War 1863 iPad game

The Civil War:1863 iPad game has recently been updated, to Version 1.3. And in a game that’s all about Civil War battles, this is exactly the sort of update you want to see – one that’s full of new missions and campaigns.

There are 4 new campaigns and more than 2 new missions. Here’s the full change list for the update:

Added: 4 mission ‘To Arms!’ campaign, including the battle of Port Gibson.
Added: 6 mission ‘Stalemate’ campaign, including the battles of Kelly’s Ford, Aldie and Cleburne’s Attack at Chickamauga.
Added: 8 mission ‘Last Stand’ campaign as an in-app purchase, including the battles of Middleburg, Goose Creek, Hoover’s Gap and Fairfield Road.
Added: 8 mission ‘Grand Command’ campaign as an in-app purchase, including the historical battles of Plum Run Valley, Buffington Island, White Sulphur Springs and Marshall.
Changed: Units charging while in column formation have an increased chance of victory in hand to hand combat.

I did a review of Civil War:1863 last year and was quite impressed with the game. I played through some of the new missions over the weekend and enjoyed them. It’s great seeing this game expanded with more campaigns to play.

Here’s an App Store link for Civil War: 1863; it’s priced at $2.99.

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