Coming Soon – Monopoly Classic for iPad

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Oh boy. If you’ve ever enjoyed playing Monopoly, the classic board game, then this demo of the official, upcoming iPad version may well get you as excited as when somebody lands on your Boardwalk square with a hotel on it.

It looks really good. Especially the slick on-device multiplayer mode, and the way the game board is automagically turned towards each player as the game progresses. You’ll also be able to play it over WiFi or Bluetooth on a local network.

If this is as good as it looks, it should be quite the holiday app hit – as it is due to be released by Electronic Arts before Christmas.

News Via: Macstories

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    1. Ha. It is true that we won't be able to take our little dog piece and use it to kick somebody's else's iron piece right off the board. :)

  1. Guys is there anyone here who has ever tried monopoly on any kind of i??i 've just started a research about monopoly apps and i would be really interested to hear a user's opinion!

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