Cool Things: Infinity Blade 3 Cinematic Trailer

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Infinity Blade 3


Infinity Blade III is set to hit the App Store this Wednesday (9/18), alongside iOS 7. And if you’re after a little teaser for it, there’s a cinematic trailer for it that should do nicely.

The Infinity Blade titles have proved to be among the flagship game titles for the iPad. The games have won numerous awards and have certainly had their share of the spotlight at Apple events. In fact, Infinity Blade III was just showed off last week at Apple’s new iPhone event.

Here’s that trailer, with a recap of the series’ storyline:

Let us know in the comments how much, or if, you are looking forward to the Infinity Blade III release this week.


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2 thoughts on “Cool Things: Infinity Blade 3 Cinematic Trailer”

  1. This game looks amazing! I tend not to play many games. .. but this. … this game would DEFINITELY BE ABLE TO MAKE ME. START! Thanks for the heads-up. Shot me another reminder, please in case I forget. I do that sometimes. Sincerely, Kevin Parrish

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