Cool Things: Music Game Where Sounds You Play on a Recorder Control the Game Play

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This new-ish iPad game really looks pretty slick. It’s called Recorder Master and the game play is controlled by sounds made with an actual recorder. It’s billed as a perfect introduction to music, and has already garnered some impressive awards and acclaim.

Here’s a little slice of its App Store intro:

Learn to play the recorder in a fun and addictive way. Play notes on the recorder to avoid obstacles, collect bonuses and scare away evil birds, on your way to become a “Recorder Master”…

Become an expert in playing songs while working on rhythm, correct and stable tone production, ear training, fingering technique and more!

I’m about as musical as a lamppost, but this certainly looks and sounds like a great idea to me. I may see if my daughter wants to give it a try sometime soon.

Here’s an App Store link for Recorder Master; it’s a free app.

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