CRAZY EA $0.99 Sale!

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Alright folks – this is the sale you’ve all been waiting for. Ok… well maybe not all of you, but I have been for sure.

EA is holding what is by far the craziest sale I’ve seen them run so far with upwards of 70 – YES 70 – games on sale. And these aren’t crappy titles either, as some of their best and newest games are on sale! Here’s a short list of what you can expect to see on the iPad:

• Sim City Deluxe (new!)
• Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit (new!) and Shift
• Reckless Racing HD
• Mirror’s Edge

And that’s not even the full list of games! Not to mention … they’ve got a HUGE selection of iPhone games at $0.99 as well.

I couldn’t link to all of them – So I’m just going to link you to EA’s section on the store. Hurry, because I’d be willing to bet this sale doesn’t last more than a day or two.

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One thought on “CRAZY EA $0.99 Sale!”

  1. keep on posting sales! I just bought 6 games and it didn't cost more than just buying madden 11 yesterday

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