Cut the Rope Experiments HD – New Follow-up to the Excellent Cut the Rope iPad Game

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I’m not a big gamer on the iPad (or anywhere else) but I can say that Cut the Rope is definitely one of the iPad games I’ve most enjoyed. It’s in the same neighborhood of addictiveness level as Angry Birds.

So it’s very good to see that Om Nom, the game’s winning protagonist, has now got a spin-off or follow-up iPad game: Cut the Rope Experiments HD. Here’s the opening App Store description for the new game:

What on earth is Om Nom?! That’s what millions of fans of the widely acclaimed game, Cut the Rope, have been asking about the cute little monster who eats candy like its his job!
That same question has a mad (but not bad) scientist studying the little creature that mysteriously arrived outside his house. Intrigued by Om Nom’s insatiable appetite for sweets, the Professor puts him through a series of experiments in this all-new game, a follow-up to one of the most original and fun-filled games on the App Store.

The game offers a new twist on the same great gameplay used in the original Cut the Rope – featuring rope-cutting and monster feeding. It has 75 levels (experiments) in 3 level packs and new music tracks and sound effects.

It’s interesting to see that Cut the Rope may be trying to follow the Angry Birds route to merchandising riches – as the App Store page for the new game mentions that a comic book featuring the adventures of Om Nom is coming soon.

Here’s an App Store link for Cut the Rope Experiments HD; it’s priced at $1.99.

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