Drive on Moscow iPad Strategy Game – Out Now

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Drive on Moscow iPad wargame

Drive on Moscow, a new strategic wargame for the iPad from the makers of the excellent and award-winning Battle of the Bulge, is available now in the App Store. This new game lets you take command of the Axis or Soviet armies in the largest battle of World War II.

Battle of the Bulge was the first real, classic board game style wargame for the iPad. It’s a superb game and was one of our selections for The Best iPad Apps of 2012.

Drive on Moscow looks even better. It offers turn-based gameplay and lets you go to war against the game’s stellar AI or online versus a friend or a random opponent – and now on a much bigger scale with this massive battle on the Russian front.

The game is extremely challenging and lets you choose to take any of its three scenarios or a full campaign. When you play against the AI you can even choose from two different opponents who generally offer two very different strategic approaches.

Drive on Moscow Opponent  

The UI in Drive on Moscow is perfect for this sort of strategic game, and adds a lot to the experience and enjoyment of the game.

Drive on Moscow Battle

If you want a bit of a historical primer on the battle that you’re taking on, the game provides an excellent and detailed overview to read through as well.

Drive on Moscow History

Here are some of the key features of Drive on Moscow:

• Play as the Soviets or the Axis across three scenarios and the full campaign
• Command tanks, cavalry, infantry, airborne and more
• Play against multiple distinct AI opponents tailored for each scenario
• Online play is better than ever with enhanced chat features, new Game Center UI, and more opponent information
• Experience Russian winter on a map that changes as the weather worsens
• Replay entire games to see every move and savor your triumphs
• New leaderboards and stats let you compete on a global scale
• Learn with the tutorial and quick start guide, or visit our online strategy forums to learn from other players
• Full rules are included for advanced players
• Includes extensive historical photos and commentary
• Designed by Ted Raicer, award-winning designer of Paths of Glory

I’ve been fortunate enough to have the game on my iPad for the last week. I’m still getting to know the game, as there’s so much to it. It’s already a favorite game though and I know I’ve got many, many hours of excellent gameplay ahead of me with it.

For my money, Battle of the Bulge was by far and away the best wargame for the iPad. Drive on Moscow is even bigger and even better – which is one heck of an achievement from the excellent folks at Shenandoah Studio.

If you enjoy wargames on the iPad, or even if you think you might enjoy this type of game, then you really need to go grab this one.

Here’s an App Store link for Drive on Moscow for iPad; it’s priced at $13.99.

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