Drive on Moscow iPad Wargame Updated: New Icon, Improved Play Balance & More

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Drive on Moscow Icon

Drive on Moscow, my new favorite strategy wargame for the iPad, has been updated today – to Version 1.0.3. The update adds a new subtitle – so the game is now Drive on Moscow: War in the Snow – and a striking new icon, as you can see above.

The update is more than just cosmetic though, it also brings changes to improve gameplay and the balance of play. Here’s the full change list

• Fixed freeze or crash in AI
• Fixed tracking of online victories and resignations
• Changed out of fuel icon to avoid confusion with out of supply
• Fixed a Tutorial bug
• Adjusted victory levels for three scenarios
• Minor corrections in Help

This was a superb strategic wargame right out of the gate; it’s nice to see it already getting a substantial update less than a month after release.

Here’s an App Store link for Drive on Moscow: War in the Snow; it’s priced at $13.99.

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