First Screenshots of Upcoming New El Alamein iPad Wargame

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El Alamein iPad game

Shenandoah Studio, makers of the excellent Battle of the Bulge and Drive on Moscow strategic wargames for the iPad, have released the first screenshots of their upcoming new title on the battle of El Alamein.

The new game will be titled Desert Fox: The Battle of El Alamein, and will be focused on the crucial battles fought in North Africa during World War II. It’s set for release in the Spring of 2014. Hit the break for a couple more screenshots from the game …

Here’s one where we can see German and British units:

El Alamein for iPad

And another just showing off the game map:

El Alamein map

Finally, here are some of the notable features of this El Alamein game:

Campaign Mode: The new campaign mode gives players control in the lead up to the final battle. They make the choice to engage or hold for reinforcements making each campaign will be a whole new experience. The game also features scenarios based on key moments in the grand conflict.
Mines and New Terrain Features: Minefields litter the battlefield and can be placed strategically by players affecting combat and turning the tide of battle. New terrain features such as ridges and deirs come into play, providing cover and directing the offensives.
New Units to Command: Flak Guns and mixed Axis troops (German and Italian) provide new strategic choices.
Designed by Mark Herman: Designer of Washington’s War and We the People, Mark Herman brings years of wargame expertise to Desert Fox.

I’m a huge fan of the two wargames Shenandoah Studio have already released and of course I can’t wait to see this new Desert Fox game hit the App Store. The good news is the wait shouldn’t be too much longer – and they’ve got a fantastic sounding Gettysburg game in the works as well.

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