Football Manager Handheld 2011 Now Designed for iPad

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Football Manager Handheld 2011

Football Manager Handheld 2011 is now a universal app, meaning that it is now fully designed for the iPad as well as the iPhone. Hurrah, I am very excited to see this title as a full-fledged iPad version.

I’ve been a huge (crazy, obsessed) fan of football management games for many years – originally Championship Manager and then Football Manager over recent years. I was happy to see both of those hit the iPhone last year, but I could never really get into the games on such a small screen. So it would be a big understatement to say I was excited to see that Football Manager now has an iPad app.

Football Manager Handheld 2011

I bought the app yesterday and unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to start playing it until fairly late last night. I only had time to setup a new game, with the English Premier League as my primary league and Spain, Italy, and Holland as my three included nations. I chose to play as Arsenal – because I  love their exciting young passing and attacking team. So far I’ve only played two friendlies and one league match (a close defeat away at Anfield), but my initial impressions of the game are very positive.

Football Manager Handheld 2011

Here are a few quick thoughts on it:

— Most of the game screens are familiar and look great on the iPad screen, and it’s pretty easy to get around and get through all your manager tasks pretty quickly. If you choose to allow them, it offers some nice tips as you visit each portion of the interface for the first time.

— Player Profiles are well done, with separate pages used for various aspects of their profile.

Football Manager Handheld 2011

— It has some fun and funky new formations for teams to use. I’ve got Arsenal playing a 4-1-2-2-1 at the moment.

— It does an auto-save each time you exit the game and you can do manual saves as well. The saves are done quite quickly. In fact all the processing in the game (e.g each time you hit continue game) is very fast.

— Two not so great things I’ve noticed are that you can’t compare players (or if you can I haven’t seen how yet) and that match commentary (at medium speed) is very choppy and disjointed.

Overall, I’m enjoying the game a lot so far and looking forward to getting further into it very soon. Once I’ve had a chance to do that, I’ll post a full review.

In the meantime, here’s an App Store link for Football Manager Handheld 2011; it’s priced at $9.99.

Have any of you tried out this game yet? If so, please let us know what you think in the comments.

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15 thoughts on “Football Manager Handheld 2011 Now Designed for iPad”

  1. Championship Manager, now that was a game, wasn’t it? I use to play that on my pc all the time…

    Curious, I’m guessing the game is played in Landscape mode. But, is there an option for Portrait (just because), too?

    1. Yeah, I used to spend ridiculous amounts of time playing Championship Manager.

      It is played in landscape mode and it does not rotate to portrait mode at all as far as I’ve seen so far. The game – just as on the desktop – can definitely be cruel sometimes. One of my first transfer moves was to sell Chamakh (for a nice profit) to Liverpool. So of course he scored two in their 2-1 win in my season opener. :)

  2. Now if someone would just make a game with the graphic styling of FIFA 11 and the intelligence of Football Manager, then I would be VERY happy.

  3. The game doesn’t support portrait mode because the layouts are ‘simply’ nicer in landscape mode (football managmeent games tend to have lots of ‘wide’ data such as league tables etc. rather than ‘tall’ data in practice – strange but true). It also cuts down on the development time required by only meaning I have to lay out the pages in one format (the iOS development team is kinda ‘compact’ – ie. me with Rich from the PSP team helping out sporadically).

    PS – Glad you used to enjoy CM, until CM5 that was the game SI used to make – then we ‘split’ with our old publisher and rebranded our games as ‘Football Manager’ … in fact FMH/FMHi are ‘designed’ to feel and play a lot like our earlier products (ie. they’re realistic but somewhat faster and simpler to play than the present FM PC/Mac titles).

  4. Hey Marc – thanks for responding here. I didn’t enjoy CM – I was crazy about that game. I found myself watching international matches in pubs with friends and making comments like ‘He played better for me when I had him at Leeds’. Had rows with girlfriends over CM.

    Will things like ability to compare players, manager team talks, manager interviews be making their way into this iOS version?

  5. “Will things like ability to compare players, manager team talks, manager interviews be making their way into this iOS version?”

    I’ll be supporting the game and you can expect at least a couple of updates to the existing iPad version before I move off to start on FMHi 2012 – however the updates will generally be minor fixes and improvements not major features.

    With regards to the items you’ve mentioned – its possible some of these will pop-up in next years iteration HOWEVER I do want to stress that I don’t want FMH/FMHi to turn into a carbon copy of the FM PC/Mac titles; I think its vital they retain the speed and accessibility which they have (so such things if they appear might be redesigned for the device somewhat – ala the tactics in FMH).

    I believe this approach makes them more ‘pick up and play’ on handheld devices than the PC version would be, that is – if you have 15-20 minutes of time spare you can play FMH and feel you’ve made progress and its been worthwhile – where in FM PC you might still be half way through your first match.

    1. Ah, very fair point. The game does play extremely fast at the moment – impressively so.

      I guess I can live with the trade-off, though my players are clearly being robbed of my massive managerial charisma. :)

  6. Marc – I think it is brilliant, that you’ve taken the time out of your busy schedule to address the questions\concerns from, Patrick and even me.

    I seriously wish more developers would do the same.

    So, with that, THANKS!

  7. No worries Ivan – to be quite honest enjoy it and I also believe talking to people about my games is essential if I’m to learn what they like and dislike in them and continue evolving them for the future …. :D

  8. I downloaded this from the app store 4 hours ago. Initial impressions – WOW!
    It takes me back to the old days of CM (when si used to make it). Very impressed how you managed to get so many features into such a quick game. Keep up the good work, looking forward to further updates and future releases.

  9. Championship manager was the best game ever, I still play the 00/01 game now. Chernobyl samba amazing. Richard sadlier brilliant for lower league clubs. I love the game!

    football manager on iPad is good and quick. Great idea to make a football manager app. For a first it’s really good. A suggestion for the next fm would be to be able to create our own formation and to have more team and player instructions, although I understand you want to keep the game quick

  10. With the iPad 2 processing power, it would be a shame not to make the FM app as detailed as the one on the PCs. I really want the detail that you get on the PC, on the iPad as well, including the 3D match engine. The iPad can handle it, whhy shouldn’t you develop the game to the max? If you wish to keep it simple, then maybe it can be Football Manager Lite. Let the full version be available as well, which I guess is not really anything else to develop as you already have the full PC version of FM. Kinda just convert and adapt it to the iPad format isn’t it?

  11. Love this game, have been equally addicted through-out my life to this game. Have played many different versions but only ever enjoyed the original and best. This is way better than any other ipad versions of footie manager.
    Marc – you are a legend to us mere mortals, thanks for giving us a great game although I guess I should blame you for my repetitive strain injury!! The compare function is the only thing I really miss.
    Just one question, can you give me a cheat please so I can finally take Forest to the Champions league final!!!

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