Football Manager Handheld 2012 Due Out Before Christmas

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Football Manager™ 2012

Football Manager Handheld 2012 – the upcoming and latest iPad (and iOS) version of the hugely popular football management game – is coming soon. It is set to be released before Christmas, so it should hit the App Store in the next few weeks.

I’ve been a huge fan (to put it very, very mildly) of Championship Manager and then Football Manager for many years. I used to spend ridiculous amounts of time playing these – playing through 5 seasons and more as various English, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch clubs.

Before I spent time with Football Manager Handheld 2011 on the iPad I never thought we’d see a mobile version that was really good and playable. FM Handheld 2011 was a big and pleasant surprise. It doesn’t have all the features and is nowhere near as in-depth as the desktop game – it’s definitely a sort of ‘light’ version. But it’s fast and has enough detail to make it compelling and challenging and to feel like the real deal. After a few months of playing it, I was shocked to find I preferred it to the desktop version.

So of course I can’t wait to see this year’s update – and now it looks like I won’t have to for much longer. Hurrah.

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