Football Manager Handheld 2012 for iPad Released on the App Store Today

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Football Manager Handheld 2012, the brand new iPad and iOS version of my all-time favorite football management game, has been released on the iPad App Store today. Of course it’s got updated leagues and transfers for the new season, which is exciting enough in its own right – and it’s also got a lot more including a very cool sounding new game mode.

The game now offers Career Mode, which is the standard mode of play that’s been around for years in Football Manager, and the new Challenge Mode. Here’s what Challenge Mode entails:

The brand new Challenge Mode, allows you to play short-term scenarios, which place you in a certain managerial situation with a clear challenge to achieve your goal….
“The Saviour Cometh” – Your team are in a relegation battle half way through the season. Can you take the reins and guide them to safety?
“Injury Crisis” – Your team are swamped with injury problems leading to most of your first team players being on the treatment table. Can you keep the results coming in and avoid getting the sack?

“Unrest at Home” – Your appointment as manager has left some senior players unhappy. How will you handle the egos? Can you avoid being sacked before the end of the season by still achieving the board’s ambitions?
“The Invincibles” – You’ve gone on a long run without losing. Can you cement your place in history by going the full season unbeaten?
(All of these challenges can be played using any club in the game except for “The Saviour Cometh”, which is playable with any club in a league with relegation.)


Here’s what else is new in Football Manager Handheld 2012:

Updated Leagues, Competitions & Transfers – for the 2011/12 season, plus the addition of the Corbett Sports Welsh Premier League, and Blue Square Bet North & South.
Fully customisable tactics – Use drag and drop to create your own unique formations and perfect your tactics.
Apple TV Mirror Support – Playable in HD on a HD TV using the Apple TV Mirroring system for iPad 2 & iPhone 4s and a new generation Apple TV.
Star Players – Helps you to easily identify the three key players in other squads.
Social Networking – Send updates direct to friends directly from the game via Twitter and, for the first time, Facebook

I’ve only played a few minutes with the updated version, but I can already say I love the new fully customizable tactics. It’s much more fun to be able to create your own version of a standard formation. I always prefer attacking formations, but I also like being able to tweak them a bit to suit the players I have.

I always like to start in a new version with a club that has a shot at titles, but not the one that seems to have the best chance. Since the English Premiership is my favorite league to play I opted not to choose either of the Manchester clubs and picked Chelsea for my first go round with the game. The game threw a pretty murderous opening schedule at me, with Man United and Man City both coming to Stamford Bridge in the first 3 weeks – it will be fun to see how this goes.


I’ll have to give the Challenge mode a go soon as well.

If any of you have already been playing Football Manager Handheld 2012 on the iPad I’d love to hear which clubs you’re playing as and how you’re doing.

Here’s an App Store link for Football Manager Handheld 2012; it’s priced at $9.99.

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5 thoughts on “Football Manager Handheld 2012 for iPad Released on the App Store Today”

  1. Which leages are in?are other major leages included like spain and italy?in fm 2011 Limited leages and players were the problem.

    1. There are tons of leagues. Italy, Spain, Holland, France, Germany, and lots more. I never noticed any shortage in the 2011 version either.

  2. Thanks for the review – much appreciated, as always I’ll try to pop in sporadically if anyone has questions or comments about the game.

    Thanks again,

    Marc Vaughan
    (Sports Interactive Ltd)

  3. Is the game available in South Africa for download, as I can’t seem to come right as its not available for download via the app store

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