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The Pinball iPad app

The Pinball is an upcoming iPad app that includes a set of pinball tables from the makers of Wild West Pinball, The Deep Pinball, and Jungle Style Pinball for the iPhone.

I’ve never tried out the iPhone versions of these apps, but they all have solid-looking user ratings and they look impressive.  The iPad screenshots sent to use by the developers – OOO Gameprom – look great.

Here’s a little more detail on features of the upcoming iPad app, straight from the devs:

3 full-fledged pinball tables with unique graphics, instructions, missions’ system and characters: WILD WEST, THE DEEP, JUNGLE STYLE
3D-engine that maxes out your Mac’s capabilities
camera effects
realistic physics and sounds
unique soundtrack
stereo-mode (stereo glasses required)
local and global high score tables
Pinball Remote technology support

And here’s another table screenshot:

iPad pinball app

I haven’t seen any word yet on when this one may hit the iPad App Store or what the price will be, but this is another one I’m keen to try out.  In fact I may well give one of the iPhone games a go soon as well.

In the meantime, more info on this app is available here:


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