iPad Apps on Sale – Space Station: Frontier HD

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Space Station Frontier HD

Origin8’s iPad strategy game – Space Station: Frontier HD – is on sale for this holiday weekend, to help mark the UK launch of the iPad. I’ve never played this one (yet), but it looks like quite a good game.  It’s currently Number 12 in Top Paid Games in the App Store, with 5 star ratings.

Origins8’s email promo for the sale said it would down to $2.99, from its normal $4.99 price.  It turns out though that it is currently listed at just $1.99.  The sale is listed as being from the 29th to the 31st.

Here’s a little more detail on the game, from its App Store page:

As overseer of a deep space mining operation you’d expect it to be a peaceful job. No such luck with a mysterious alien race violently contesting your claim to the territory!
Harvest precious energy, fortify your station, build up your firepower to defend humanity’s domain on this new frontier!


• Completely redesigned interface for the larger screen!
• Playable in portrait or landscape – at any time!
• Interactive mini-map!
• Improved graphical quality throughout!


• Construct weaponry and mining tools using an intuitive tower defense style interface.

• Design and power vast networks of structures, then defend them against alien incursion!

• Earn upgrades and unlocks for your space station to increase its power and abilities!

• Story-based campaign mode where you are humanity’s last chance for survival.

• Play one of three freeform, endless modes and compete with other players worldwide using the online leaderboards.

• Mission mode provides quick tactical challenges. Beat a scenario to earn achievements!

• Multiplayer head-to-head! Play against another player on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad! Needs LAN WiFi or Bluetooth.

• Full OpenFeint integration provides multiple user profiles, complete offline support, online scores and lots of achievements to earn.

• Awesome music & sound effects by Earcom.

There’s also a pretty nice little update for the game to go along with its weekend sale:

Coinciding with the sale is the release of an update adding a head to head WiFi/Bluetooth multiplayer mode. Now iPad players can go on the offence, assembling alien fleets to attack their opponent’s station while constructing their own base’s defences against enemy assault. "Space Station: Frontier" and "Space Station: Frontier HD" are fully compatible in multiplayer, allowing head to head play between any pairing of iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad (requirements: iPhone OS 3.0 Bluetooth, OS 3.1 WiFi).

You can find Space Station: Frontier HD in the App Store now – and remember the sale price is only for this Memorial Day weekend.

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  1. I bought this game during the sale and it has tons of replay-value. I can really recommend this app and UConnect if you want something to do in the weekend.

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