iPad Games I Want to See: Civilization Revolution, UniWar, RTS Games [iPad Games]

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Civilization Revolution iPhone app

What are we down to now, around 52 days before the iPad hopefully begins shipping?  I already feel impatient, and already find myself occasionally daydreaming about some of the apps I am most looking forward to seeing on the iPad.  There are quite a few – iBooks looked very nice, as did the new iWork apps and the NYT app.

Of course, I’ll also be looking out for lots of old iPhone favorites in their current or modified versions.

One whole category that keeps coming to mind is real time strategy games.  Some of these have come to the iPhone already, and are quite well done, but I really don’t find the iPhone’s screen size very well-suited to this type of game. 

Two games of this type that I’ve tried on the iPhone, enjoyed for a while, but would really like to see on the iPad are Civilization Revolution and UniWar

UniWar iPhone app

This whole genre should be a great one for the iPad though – I’d also love to see versions of some of the Coomand & Conquer games, or Age of Empires and Total War. 

Which games / genres are you looking forward to seeing on the iPad?

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