iPad Strategic WWII Battle Game Exceeds Kickstarter Funding Target, Posts First Demo Video

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Battle of the Bulge for iPad

Good news about my favorite Kickstarter project ever – the Battle of the Bulge strategic war game for iPad, by Shenandoah Studio: the project has met and exceeded its funding target. The target was $20,000 and it’s at over $30,000 this morning with seven days still to go.

Shenandoah Studio has also posted the first gameplay demo video this weekend – the screenshot above is taken from that video. You can take a look at it on the game’s Kickstarter page.

It looks like it is very early days in the game’s development and the demo was done on an iOS simulator rather than an iPad. Even so, the small bit of gameplay shown looks promising. I like the way adjacent units automatically rearrange themselves when a unit is moved.

I’m very glad, of course, to see that Battle of the Bulge for iPad has got its funding, and I hope the game is still on track for a release this summer.

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