iQuarters Game on Sale This Weekend – Go Get It!

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iQuarters for iPad

iQuarters is a great twist on the classic drinking game, brought to the iPad and iPhone.  I’m tempted to say it’s like quarters on steroids, but given its heritage I’ll say it’s like quarters on vodka and Red Bull.

This is a super fun and addictive little game – whether you’ve ever played quarters or not – and it’s on sale this weekend.  As an Independence Day Sale, iQuarters is reduced from $1.99 to $.99 cents from Friday, July 2nd to Monday, July 5th.  My advice is go grab it. 

Hit the jump for a few more screenshots …

I honestly set out to just spend a couple minutes with the game to see if its sale offer was worth a quick mention here.  I ended up spending 10 minutes playing it and wanting more.

This is definitely one of those ultra-simple but ultra-addicting games for the iPad and iPhone.

I’ll just mention a few things that make it so much fun quickly here …

— It starts out fairly basic and builds up.  Going from just trying to bounce quarters into three cocktail glasses lined up on a table, to trying to get quarters in through some crazy obstacles and ricochets that are almost pinball-like.

iQuarters on iPad

On Round 7 you get a bottle placed behind the glasses, plus an island-skirted girl figure and in a lovely ironic touch, a phone that flips up when quarters hit it and looks a heck of a lot like a Razr.

iQuarters app  

— You even get instant replays on some of your best efforts (or luckiest bounces).

— One of the craziest obstacles is a plane flying around the glass.

iQuarters iPad game

It offers a practice mode and one to four player game modes.  Perfect for a bit of fun round the iPad over this holiday weekend.

Anyway – enough from me – go grab this one while it’s on sale: iTunes link.

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