Law & Order: Legacies for iPad Released, in the App Store Now

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Law & Order: Legacies for iPad (and iOS) has been released in the App Store today. The game is based on the long-running and popular TV series.

This game will be delivered in parts, as a set of seven episodes that will be released over coming months. Episode 1 is included with the purchase of the game; Episode 2 is available now as an In-App purchase for $2.99; episodes 3-7 will be available (also as In-App purchases at the same price) in early 2012.

Here’s a little bit of the game’s App Store intro:

PLAY THE SHOW as police, investigating crimes; and then as district attorneys, prosecuting the offenders.
JOIN A DREAM TEAM CAST of fan-favorite investigators and prosecutors from multiple Law & Order franchises, including Olivia Benson, Lennie Briscoe, Rey Curtis, Jack McCoy and many more.
DISCOVER MULTIPLE ENDINGS with innovative court room game play based on your moral decisions: convict, plea bargain, or find the defendant not guilty!
INVESTIGATE 7 standalone cases that also piece together a season-wide mystery.

I installed the game as soon as I saw it had hit the iPad App Store. I only just opened it briefly for a look and a quick screenshot. It was cool to hear the familiar Law & Order theme music on the game’s main screen, and I’m looking forward to trying the game out this evening.

Here’s an App Store link for Law & Order: Legacies; it’s priced at $2.99 with further In-App purchases as mentioned above and is a universal app designed for both iPad and iPhone.

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