New iPad Apps: The Pinball HD

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Pinball HD for iPad

The Pinball HD is a new iPad pinball app that rolls together three iPhone games (each the same engine but a different table / theme) into one made-for-iPad app.

The three tables / themes are Wild West, The Deep. and Jungle Style.

Here are some of the app’s features:

* 3 full-fledged pinball tables with unique graphics, instructions, missions system, locations and characters
* 3D-engine that maxes out your iPad capabilities
* camera effects
* realistic physics
* unique soundtrack
* stereo-mode (stereo glasses required)
* local and global high score tables
* built-in Help for pinball tables

I’m far from a pinball expert, but the graphics for this app (and the iPhone trio) look impressive. Apparently the devs are already working on some improvements as well:

The Pinball HD 1.1 in review and will be available soon:
* improved framerate (60fps on all tables and view modes)
* fixed bug no background music in game
* up to 4 balls in multiball

The Pinball HD 1.2 in progress:
* whole table view in portrait and landscape modes
* multiplayer

The Pinball HD is out now in the App Store, priced at $2.99.

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3 thoughts on “New iPad Apps: The Pinball HD”

  1. I like the game quite a bit as well, though I am not particularly good at it. Looks great on the iPad. The updates sound welcome even though I haven't noticed issues with the frame rate. I'm most curious about the whole table view, as I get kind of lost on the Jungle table.

    I owned all three tables as separate apps on the iPhone so I was glad to see them bundled as one app for the iPad. I wish IUGO would update Freeballin' for the iPad. That's not the "pure" experience that The Pinball offers, but it is different enough to keep side-by-side.

    Now I have the theme music from "Wild West" stuck in my head!

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