Quick Look: Cool New Multitasking Game for iPad (with video)

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Multitasking is a fun new game for the iPad.  It goes a little beyond testing whether you can walk and chew gum.  As in, it lets you see how good you are at solving simple math problems, unscrambling three letter words, popping balloons, playing pong defend, whacking moles, and more, all at the same time.

I find it challenging and very enjoyable to play – definitely one that keeps me coming back to try to get better scores, and very easy to dive in and out of for short spells.

Apologies for the gaps in my narration in a few places – no excuses, the talking portion of my multitasking ability just let me down in a couple spots. :)  Speaking of which, I trailed off when starting to describe the speedometer challenge in the game.  With that one, you need to tap and hold and push the needle all the way over to the right edge of the dial.

Multitasking supports Open Feint, is a free app, and is highly recommended.  You can find it now in the App Store.

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