Rage HD Hits the App Store

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Rage HD app

Rage HD has hit the App Store. It’s the heavily awaited shooter game from id software (makers of the epic Doom and Quake series) with graphics that are apparently amongst the best ever seen in any iOS game.

Gizmodo has already given it a rave review – here’s just a little taster from their post today on it:

The splattertastic shooter Rage HD from Id Software—you know, the Doom and Quake guys. The graphics are unbelievably good, the best of any iPhone game yet. It’s a must-download if you love shooters—just look. It’s nuts.

And here’s lots more detail on the game from its App Store page:

RAGE comes to your mobile device with the hit of the wastelands, Mutant Bash TV! This intense first-person rail shooter casts you in the starring role of a post-apocalyptic game show where you’ll be stalked by hungry mutants while you scour pulse-pounding levels for ammo and cash pick-ups. Make a deal with J.K Stiles, the show’s menacing host, and see if you have what it takes to survive this carnage-filled carnival of death!

• Created specifically for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad . . . experience the post-apocalyptic mayhem of the RAGE universe for the first time!
• Arm yourself with a pistol, shotgun or machine gun, and battle your way through three levels – the mutant-infested Tenements, the lunatic-ridden Asylum and the not so-abandoned Bunker.
• Perform hit-streaks and pick up “Bash Bux” to increase your performance as you make your way through the action-packed levels, each with four degrees of difficulty.
• Complete Mutant Bash TV challenges and replay levels to beat your top score.
• Experience high resolution graphics, including an exclusive HD version for the newest generation of iPhone*, iPod Touch and iPad, coupled with dynamic music and sound effects.
*HD version provides higher resolution textures that are optimally viewed on a 4th generation device or the iPad.
** Requires minimum of iOS 3.2.

I’m not usually a big fan of shooter games, but Doom and Quake are two that I have played and enjoyed – so this one looks extremely tempting. It’s apparently a whopping down load of over 750MB, but I think I may give it a go later today.

You can find Rage HD in the App Store now, priced at $1.99.

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