Real Racing 2 HD To Be First iPad Game with Support for Wireless Gaming Over AirPlay

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Real Racing 2 HD is set to be the first iPad game to support full screen wireless gaming over AirPlay.

Exciting news from Firemint, the developers of Real Racing games for iPad, today.

At Monday’s WWDC 2011 keynote event it emerged that AirPlay Mirroring will be possible in the upcoming iOS 5. Real Racing 2 HD will take this a step further:

This isn’t just mirroring – you’ll be able to play Real Racing 2 HD on your big screen without a cable, while your iPad 2 displays racing telemetry in real-time. No black borders, no wires – just iOS racing at its finest.

We see AirPlay as a real game-changer. It allows us to bring a fresh, never-before-seen level of freedom to Real Racing 2 HD. Combined with the precision steering and brilliant 3D visuals made possible by iPad 2′s phenomenal hardware, Real Racing 2 HD over AirPlay promises an experience you’ll have to play to believe.

I’m already a huge fan of AirPlay video and HDMI mirroring is pretty cool too. Putting AirPlay and Mirroring together sounds awesome to me. Even as someone who is not a big gamer at all, the possibilities here sound tremendous. iOS 5 can’t come out soon enough.

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2 thoughts on “Real Racing 2 HD To Be First iPad Game with Support for Wireless Gaming Over AirPlay”

  1. I wondered about this possibility and whether the data transfer rates would be high enough to support something that intensive. It appears that it is. I expected that something less advanced might take the first swipe but if it can happen with RR2 then I suppose it could happen with just about anything else on the App Store.

    If this works well I think sales of AppleTV’s are going to go through the roof.

    1. I think you’re right. Both mirroring in general and wireless gaming are super exciting features to look forward to in iOS 5.

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