Real Racing 3 for iPad Updated: Adds New ‘Prestige’ Cars

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Real Racing 3 iPad app

Real Racing 3, the latest in the popular racing series from EA Mobile, has been updated again this week – to Version 1.20. This update is headlined by the addition of a couple of new ‘prestige’ car manufacturers – Bentley and Mercedes Benz.

Here’s the full change list for this latest Real Racing 3 update:

• New manufacturers – Bentley and Mercedes-Benz join an exciting line-up of over 55 licenced cars
• New event type – Time Trial! Race against yourself, your friends and the world for the top leaderboard position
• Bonus R$ – Get an R$ boost for the first race of each day, earn bigger bonuses for consecutive days of play
• Clean Race Bonus – Drive cleanly and fairly to receive R$ bonuses
• New progression system – Unlock cars and events as you progress through the new career
• Improved graphics – Per-pixel shadowing on high-end devices!
• 180+ new events!

This is a pretty typical Real Racing update. That’s always been one of the strong points of this series – regular updates that continually add to the depth of the game.

Here’s an App Store link for Real Racing 3; it’s a universal app designed for both iPad and iPhone. The app is free, but includes numerous In-App purchase options to help advance in the game.

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One thought on “Real Racing 3 for iPad Updated: Adds New ‘Prestige’ Cars”

  1. I wouldn’t call it a typical update. They have revamped the game interface and replaced the home screen. The way that repairs are done has also been simplified, making it a lot easier to play instead of having to select the repair jobs one by one.

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