Real Racing 3: iPad Storage Hog

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Real Racing 3 Storage Hog

I’ve had Real Racing 3 installed on my iPad mini for a little over 24 hours now. And it is taking up 1.8GB of storage space already!

The download size of the app is listed as 716MB – so that looks to me like the app has nearly tripled its use of storage space since I installed it yesterday. The worrying thing here is that it’s not like I’ve played through a whole lot of the game yet. I have bought exactly one car – just the first one, the only one you can afford when starting out with the game. I have made a couple engine upgrades and a few tire and brakes upgrades, nothing more. And I have only competed in about a dozen race events, out of a total of over 950 in the game.

Maybe the game will ‘level off’ in some way in terms of its storage use from here forward – but that seems unlikely. I would think that as I advance, make more upgrades, buy more cars, run more races, it’s just going to amass more data that will increase its use of storage space.

I’ll monitor this pretty closely in coming days as I use the game more – because pretty soon I’m going to need a bigger boat iPad mini. I’d hate to think that I have to break out the iPad 3 in order to enjoy this game (my iPad 3 has 64GB, my iPad mini just has 32GB).

Have any of you played through a lot more than me on Real Racing 3 yet? If so, how much storage space is the game using up on your iPad?

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6 thoughts on “Real Racing 3: iPad Storage Hog”

  1. More than likely, the increase in storage is due to decompressing assets. Flight simulators do this all the time. I don’t suspect you’ll see much of an increase unless they add new cars or tracks.

  2. I’ve just chekced as a result of seeing this entry and mine is 1.8GB. I only downloaded last night and have done only about 6 races so far.

  3. You can see more details if you click on the entry. It will show how much is ‘documents and data’. I have seen downloads “grow” often, just by the install. One example is Angry Birds Seasons which I haven’t played yet on my new iPad. The download is less than 50 Mb, but the program takes up nearly 300 Mb MORE than this!

  4. I suspect it was 1.8GB before you even started playing. All downloads from the App Store would be compressed. 780MB to 1.8GB seems reasonable.

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