ScramWords: iPad Game Coded Entirely on the iPad

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ScramWords is a new word game for the iPad and iPhone. There are lots of iOS word games – but this one was designed and coded entirely on an iPad.

In fact, it was made entirely on what its creator, Mark Sumner, describes as a ‘decrepit’ iPad 2 – using the Codea environment. Sumner’s background is interesting:

Previous to this game, I developed the free robot-building app, ChipBots, which is also available on iTunes.  I’m also the author of an embarrassing number of published novels, including the World Fantasy Award nominee, Devil’s Tower.  My series of science fiction mystery novels, News from the Edge, was the basis for the television series, The Chronicle.  I also wrote a large number of YA novels, westerns, short stories, articles and whatever would pay the bills that week.

As for ScramWords it is described as ‘Words … all by yourself’. The object is to build a bridge of words in a timed game:

Race the clock and increasingly challenging level designs as you build a bridge of words. Anyone can think of a six letter word beginning with ‘R’ when they have all day, but can you do it when time is running out?
If you can reach the exit points, you’ll get to test yourself again and again on boards that are most definitely not just square. Learn to fit words into tight quarters, or stretch toward that tantalizing exit, and do it fast. The longer you survive, the more difficult the boards become.

I installed the game this morning but have only had a very quick glance at it. It’s not going to rival Letterpress or win any design awards, but it looks challenging. In any case, it’s interesting to see an iPad  game developed on an iPad.

Here’s an App Store link for ScramWords; it’s a universal app for iPad and iPhone and is priced at 99 cents.

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