Shenandoah Studio Announces a 2nd Great Strategic War Game Coming to the iPad: El Alamein

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El Alamein Crisis in Command iPad game

Shenandoah Studio are an iPad game development house with a mission that’s very close to my heart – they are:

a group of veteran game designers and developers who have come together to publish top quality strategy games on the iPad, in the spirit of classic board games. Collectively, we have over 160 years of game design and development experience.

I grew up playing and loving many of those classic strategy board games and last weekend I posted about Shenandoah’s Kickstarter project to get funding for the first of their iPad titles – Battle of the Bulge. This weekend there’s a double-dose of very good news from Shenandoah Studio. First off, they have reached their $20,000 funding target with 22 days still to go in their project. Congratulations to them on that.

The second bit of great news, equally as exciting as the first, is that there is already a follow-up game for the iPad in the works. It’s called El Alamein and is described thusly:

We are pleased to announce that the first sequel to Battle of the Bulge, Mark Herman’s El Alamein. Mark is a veteran game designer with many game designs to his credit and he is a member of the Game Design Hall of Fame. Mark’s game takes the new Crisis in Command series of games to North Africa and one of the great turning points of World War Two: El Alamein.

That’s the splash screen for the newly-announced title shown at the top of this post.

One more bit of great news:

We have added El Alamein to the rewards list and thus every level of $25 or more will now receive El Alamein too, at no additional charge! We are doing this to enrich the rewards to make the levels more attractive and to add new levels. Our first new level is at $20, which gets you both games and both wallpaper sets.

That’s great stuff. I backed the project at the $25 level last weekend, so now I’ve got two superb sounding new games to look forward to. I really cannot wait to see these titles hit the iPad.

If you’re a fan of these old-school strategy games, or just a fan of good strategy games for the iPad, you should definitely have a look at the Kickstarter page for these games.

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3 thoughts on “Shenandoah Studio Announces a 2nd Great Strategic War Game Coming to the iPad: El Alamein”

  1. Try Battle Academy, is a beautiful and deep war game that should hold you until these games arrive.

  2. Looks like a good one. Wonder what percentage of iPad kickstarter projects (just talking apps here) make it through.

    Also, why can we not get a Starcraft Lite for the iPad???

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