Space Invaders HD Hits the iPad

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Space Invaders HD for iPad

Space Invaders HD is now available for the iPad.  This is the official version of the classic arcade game – from the company behind the original version. It’s been out for the iPhone for quite a while, and it should lend itself nicely to the larger iPad screen.

The iPad version includes a couple of two-player modes – face-to-face and pass-and-play.

Here’s a little more detail on Space Invaders HD, from its App Store page:

Here at last! An iPad compatible SPACE INVADERS!
Enjoy the game on iPad’s big screen!
Two Player mode featuring the classic tabletop arcade version where users can sit across from each other and blast the alien horde!
Experience the King of Shooting Games, the arcade hit that captured the hearts of legions of fans and took the world by storm! Use your cannon to defend Earth from waves of descending alien Invaders!

All the features you remember have been faithfully recreated: the elusive UFOs, the "Nagoya Attack" technique, and the endless game play!

This edition features three control methods optimized for the iPad, four screen modes, and bonus extras including rare material from the original game’s development!

I enjoyed the iPhone version of this title, so I grabbed this app up early this morning.  I think the two player modes may be cool to try out, but my 5-minute first impression is that this 1.0 version is a bit lame.

It does portrait mode only – which is always a bad start (for me) for almost any iPad app. It also has a very annoying habit of popping up OpenFeint requests (to report new high scores etc) in mid-game – not at the end of a level, just right in the middle of the action.  What the hell?  I can’t recall ever seeing that before on any game App Store game. There may be an easy way to switch that off, but I did not immediately spot it, and it is a stupid thing to have on by default in any case.

Space Invaders HD

Overall though, it is Space Invaders. On the iPad.  And that’s a good thing, even with some 1.0 glitches.

You can find Space Invaders HD in the App Store now, priced at $4.99.

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One thought on “Space Invaders HD Hits the iPad”

  1. Rip off. The graphics (other than the game itself) are HORRIBLE. The game should take up more of the screen, but if it doesn't at least the graphics displayed around the game screen should look better than a typical iPhone app scaled up 2x. And the extra features, namely the brochures, games notes etc are completely illegible. This one is a RIP OFF.

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