Sporcle Trivia App Updated: Adds Content & In-App Purchases

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Sporcle iPad App

Sporcle, which touts itself as ‘the App Store’s leading trivia application’, has been updated this week to Version 3.0.0. This is a major update for this game – with a great deal of new content made available, but at a cost.

The app previously made all its content (which was more limited than after this update) available for a one-time purchase price of $1.99. The app’s price is still the same but now each individual game you play within it costs 2 tokens. You’re given 300 tokens to start with and a number of additional free tokens every day. If you run out of tokens you can buy 50 as an In-App purchase for $0.99.

Here’s the new features list for the Sporcle 3.0.0 update:

* Snazzy new look
* Access to nearly all the games from the website, search and browse most games.
* More game types available, such as wrong answer, minefield, etc.
* Pick and choose which games you want and play them forever.
* Vastly improved stability and performance
* and so much more!!

And here’s a further statement on the update on the Sporcle App Store page, from the founder of Sporcle:

We put out the first version of the Sporcle app back in 2010. Apps were still a new thing, and we had wanted to give you a way to play Sporcle that would work better on smaller phones and ipods, while also allowing you to play games even if you didn’t have an internet connection. This app has consistently been in the top 10 of paid trivia apps, and for that we are eternally grateful. It is now time that we give you the Sporcle app you deserve.
The biggest complaint we heard was that there weren’t enough games available on the mobile app in relation to sporcle.com. With this update, that is no longer the case. You can search for any game we have ever featured, or use the many lists throughout the app to find the trivia game that perfectly matches your need of the moment.
Now we give YOU the power to decide which games you want to play, instead of being stuck with only the games that downloaded the day you happened to launch the app. Every day, we give you free Sporcle Tokens which are used to unlock any game you want. Once you unlock a game, you can play it as many times you like. Unlike Dragon’s Lair or Dance Dance Revolution, you won’t have to continue to feed Tokens each time you want to play.
The goal here was to give you as much free content in the app as you had before, which was approximately 2-3 games a day for Sporcle, (and only 2 games a week for Sporcle Lite). And now you will get free Tokens every day which will allow you to unlock that many games. The big difference being that you get to pick the games you want, where before you only had access to what was given to you.
Most importantly, this is not the final product. We realized that it has been some time since we updated this app, so we wanted to try to get this new version out as soon as possible. We believe the stability and performance of this version is so much better than the previous versions, not to mention things like 4” screen support, that we felt it was wrong to wait until we had every single new enhancement in place before letting you have it. So expect to see a lot of updates and improvements coming in the next few months. New features, new game types, and more! Obviously we will also continue to use your feedback to help inform to us what we are doing right and wrong. Our goal always has been to give you the best trivia experience possible, and with your help, we intend to do just that.
With warmest of regards,
Matt Ramme, founder of Sporcle, and the rest of the Sporcle team.

I did a review of Sporcle back in 2010 and sang its praises. It has remained one of my favorite iPad games and was included in our list of the Best iPad apps of 2012. It’s great to see more content added to Sporcle – but I’m not so keen on the tokens and In-App purchase side of things. I know the freemium model and In-App purchases are proving hugely useful to iOS developers and helping them succeed and I wish Sporcle nothing but success, but I would far rather pay more for the app with more content and not worry about In-App purchases.

I’m also a little disappointed that the ‘snazzy new look’ mentioned at the top of the update features list, is anything but snazzy on the iPad. The actual game pages look pretty terrible on the iPad actually:

Sporcle Quiz

Tons of unused space, some garish color schemes, and text that is too small do not make for a good look, or even for pages that are pleasant to use when playing. This is an aspect of the game that needs some major improvement. I hope Sporcle will deliver some in future updates.

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