Stay Classy iPad – with Anchorman 2 Scotchy Scotch Toss Game

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Anchorman 2 Scotchy Scotch Toss iPad game

Oh yes, the pride of San Diego has hit the iPad App Store. Ron Burgundy is the star of the new iPad game Anchorman 2: Scotchy Scotch Toss. Here’s the game’s App description, courtesy of the anchorman himself:

A game of deception, intrigue and ice.

Hello friends, legendary anchorman Ron Burgundy here to describe the greatest app in the history of western civilization, “Scotchy Scotch Toss.” This mobile game, which I personally developed, combines my two favorite things: Scotch, and playful exchanges with total strangers. Simply toss ice cubes into my glass of Scotch and I’ll offer neighborly encouragement. OR, miss your shot and I’ll flog you like a petulant mule. Either way you’re going to hear about it!
Multiple locations, targets and the ability to play with friends, (if you have any), this app has it all! Hey, did you know that “app” is short for “appetite?” Because you’re always hungry for more…..
I’m sorry, I don’t know what “app” means, but what I do know is this is a top shelf quality product. A true treasure of mobile gaming, “Scotchy Scotch Toss” has the detailed craftsmanship worthy of exhibition in the yet-to-be-built Burgundy Library in Washington D.C.
Download “Scotchy Scotch Toss” today, its the only app you’ll ever need. Seriously, stop what you’re doing and delete every other app off your phone and install this game immediately. This isn’t a joke.

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Scotchy Scotch Toss

The game is voiced by Will Ferrell – here’s a few of the things he’s said to me so far while trying the game out:

You have the motor skills of a very stupid baby

You’re massively exceeding my very low expectations

Fart noise

You can play the game in single or 2 player mode, and choose from 4 locations.


Is this a very lightweight, novelty app to help promote the upcoming return of Ron Burgundy to the big screen? Yup. Is it still pretty amusing to spend a few minutes with? Yeah, it probably is if you’re a fan of the legendary Ron Burgundy.

Here’s an App Store link for Anchorman 2: Scotchy Scotch Toss; it’s priced at $0.99.

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