We Rule Updates – In Progress

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Like a whole lot of people, I’ve been playing We Rule a lot over recent weeks.  And I’ve noticed that they’ve been having server issues – I’ve had times where the app refused to connect at all and presented a network connection error when trying to launch it, and even more occasions when I am able to launch it but then it loses connection while trying to play it, or just acts very flaky while using it.

Well … the folks at Ngmoco are working hard at fixing all these network issues.  They put up a blog post last Friday (4/30) detailing their efforts and explaining some of the reasons behind the issues – basically they underestimated the amount of people who would end up playing the game.

They’re well aware of the issues most/all of us have been seeing – and they’re not only addressing those but planning for some significant enhancements to the game. We’ve seen a few new additions already; some lucrative new crops and barns. 

Here’s a chunk of Ngmoco’s post on these subjects:

As many of you have noticed we have wrestled with scaling our infrastructure due to the success of We Rule. Candidly, we underestimated the number of people that would play the game, the number of social connections that they would have, the number of push messages that would be sent, the number of times that they would play per day and the number of minutes that they would play for. It’s this that has manifested itself in connection problems at peak times where users haven’t been able to log in or connections have been dropped.

I want to assure you that we want you to be able to play the game whenever and wherever you want without interruption, without loss of connection and without concern that your crops or jobs may spoil because there are more people trying to connect than the infrastructure can handle.

To address these issues we’re working around the clock to scale our physical infrastructure and we’re also in the process of finishing a new round of changes to both the We Rule and Plus+ servers, as well as an update to the We Rule App to help address any continuing connection issues.

Everybody at ngmoco is dedicated to ensuring your experience in our games is the best it can possibly be and we certainly do not take lightly any service issues. We’ll continue to work hard to earn your trust and you can be assured that we will not rest until we accomplish our goal of providing a flawless experience for each and every one of you.

Barns, Oxen and much more…

In addition to addressing connectivity issues, we’ve also been bringing online the pipeline for continuing content. The first new content debuted in the game last week – The Barn & Ox and our newest content push adds new crops as well as a new class of crop for our power users. We’re going to be rolling out new content on a fairly regular cadence over the course of the game’s life and we have enhancements lined up for many many months to come. We’ll be introducing new businesses, buildings, harvestable decorations & upgrades for your kingdom as well as new features. We’re committed to keeping your experience fresh and are excited to share our upcoming content with you.

For more detail and news on what happens when you reach Level 25, see the Ngmoco post here:


I’ve been enjoying We Rule a lot lately – especially as my wife and daughter are both playing it as well (my daughter was the first to give it a go) – so it’s great to see that Ngmoco are supporting it well and improving it.


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2 thoughts on “We Rule Updates – In Progress”

  1. For two weeks I have not been able to connect to WeRule! I reinstalled several times no luck. It just keeps crashing. A shame. I am at level 55 and a regular player. What do you suggest? Thanks. Phyllis

    1. If you have not already done so, the two best things to do are shutting down other running apps via the multitasking bar and restarting the iPad.

      If you’ve done those and still see the issues, you need to get support from the developers of the game.

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