Yay – Paper Toss and Paper Toss World Tour Come to the iPad

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Paper Toss World Tour HD iPad app

Paper Toss HD and Paper Toss World Tour HD are both now live in the App Store. Hurrah.

Paper Toss has been one of my favorite games on the iPhone for ages, ever since it first came out over a year ago. It’s still on every iPhone and Touch in our house – and even though it’s a free app it has continued to get regular new updates from its developers, Backflip Studios.

Paper Toss World Tour took an already great casual game and raised it several levels. So I am very happy to see that both titles have now got proper iPad versions.

Paper Toss World Tour HD iPad app

For those who have not yet had the pleasure of trying out Paper Toss, it is a must-try game. It recreates the simple but ever-so-pleasurable experience of trying to toss a crumpled up piece of paper into a waste bin. The game now has a few different rooms / settings for you to your paper tossing in. It sounds silly and it is, but it’s also absolutely addictive and one of those perfect casual games that are great to fill a few minutes here and there.


Paper Toss World Tour – as the name would suggest – lets you take your paper chucking prowess on the road, round the globe.

I’ve tried out Paper Toss World Tour HD a bit this morning – and it is every bit as good as its little brother on the iPhone. Maybe even a little more challenging – although that could just be that I’m still getting used to the switch to the bigger screen. Still, the Moscow level with snow and rapidly shifting winds seems quite tough.

You can find both Paper Toss HD and Paper Toss World Tour HD in the App Store now; both are priced at $2.99.

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  1. i want to know the name of the music when we are in moscou : la place rouge … it’s an amyzing song

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