4 Out of 5 Cats Surveyed Recommend the iPad

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OK, sorry about the post title – nobody has yet done a survey asking cats about their preferred tablet device. But … Purina has apparently done some similar study work; as their promo video for their new Games for Cats on iPad and Android mentions that the games are based on …

research of cats’ senses and how they react to different stimuli.

My own research on that same subject indicates that cats can get all kinds of Crazy Loco with just about anything that you move around or dangle anywhere near them enticingly, or even not enticingly at all. For those of you who have cats that are bored with the same old cat toys and laser pens, the sort of cats who need to get their play on with a state-of-the-art tablet device, these games may be just the ticket.

I’m having a hard enough time convincing our kitten that neither my head nor the iPad 2 are super-cool things to lick; I’m not feeling like he needs more iPad focused stimuli just now.

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2 thoughts on “4 Out of 5 Cats Surveyed Recommend the iPad”

  1. Too bad there is no sound to catch the attention of the cat.. That has been missing in other “game for cats” apps also….

  2. I haven’t tried any cat apps yet, just because I don’t trust that my cats won’t scratch the screen, even with a screen protector on!

    The sounds in the Peterson Bird app totally mesmerize my cats out. They sound sooo real, my cats run to the window as soon as I play one of them. It’s a fun app to freak them out with! Actually, it’s an INCREDIBLE free app you might want to check out– the layout and information is so outstanding that I can’t believe it’s free. It’s great for figuring out what birds are in the backyard!

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