Anything Cats Can Do (on an iPad), Dogs Can Do Better

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We’ve seen some clever cats (and dogs) having fun with the iPad over the last couple of months, but this guy is my favorite so far.  With a name like Pixel, he’s got lots of geek cred right off the bat, and he only enhances it with his crazy air hockey skills shown in the video.

Chief Deputy Editor Labrador

I’ll be using this as a training video for my Chief Deputy Editor Labrador tonight. :)

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5 thoughts on “Anything Cats Can Do (on an iPad), Dogs Can Do Better”

  1. Brilliant! My Golden Retriever hasn't shown interest yet in the iPad, but she does nose me a lot when I am on my Macbook, and she seems to like my iPhone.

    If I was confident she wouldn't use her paws… I think I'd train her immediately. This is the best video I've seen all month!

    BTW thank you for pointing out there are some of us who are tech AND dog lovers.

    1. My Lab is always very interested in giving it a big sniff with his ginormous snozz, but so far no gaming interest.

      Tech and dog lovers – absolutely!

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