Fake iPad Accessories – iArm Forearm Mount for the iPad

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Delta Technology presents the iArm, the forearm mount that gives you, well, an extra arm.  Just 4.5 lbs and fully adjustable, the iArm lets you take your favorite gadget with you.  And with the optional "multi-mount", you can secure up to three items at once.  Attaches to tablet PCs, eReaders, remotes & more!

Just 4.5 pounds! I love the photo with the deadly serious looking dude with phone to his ear, java juice in hand, and honking great iArm thing strapped to his forearm. This is a ‘prank gift’ for all your iDevice toting friends who already have every sensible accessory under the sun. It’s actually just a ‘genuine fake gift box’ with nothing in it. It’s priced at $8 – I suppose that’s not too bad if you’ve got someone who’s likely to be fooled / amused by the gag. You can see more detail, or pre-order one here: http://www.prankpack.com/buy/iarm-prank-pack-fake-gift-box.html

Spotted Via: Foolish Gadgets

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