iPad Funnies: Teacher 1999 vs. Teacher 2020

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This is a pretty fun video, done by the Connect School of Languages in Toronto.

Here’s a little of the backstory for the video:

We are a small language school in Toronto. We teach English as a Second Language to international students from around the world. We have transformed our school from a traditional classroom to one that is flipped and uses the iPad, iBooks and apps to help teach students.

We put these spots out on YouTube to poke fun at teachers who refuse to change with the times. The reaction we have had has been incredible – not only in the number of views on YouTube but by the comments and debate the ads have sparked. It has been intriguing to watch these comments flow into YouTube. For us, the iPad in our school has totally transformed the way we communicate.

My only suggested edit would’ve been to re-think the 2020 part of the tile. I think technology years are like dog years, on steroids. By 2020 I imagine the teacher with the iPad may well need to do some major changing with the times.

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