iPad Run Over By a Car – Still Works, Laughs at Car

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There are a lot of adjectives I associate with the iPad – but tough, rugged, and indestructible have never been on my list before today. Then I spotted a story at TUAW of an iPad that was apparently run over by a car – a PT Cruiser – and not only lived to tell about it, but appears to work just fine (apart from the whole totally shattered glass bit).

Reader Aaron sent us a link to a YouTube video (on the next page) demonstrating how an iPad belonging to a fellow employee handled being run over by the front and rear wheels of a Chrysler PT Cruiser. As the video shows, the iPad was in the standard Apple Case and the front glass was crushed quite extensively. However, the Home button still worked and the rest of the components in the display were totally functional. The touchscreen still responded to gestures, and the accelerometer responded by rotating the screen.

Here’s the video clip of the iPad working after the ‘incident’:


Wow. If that’s not a hoax, that’s pretty impressive durability. My wife recently bought a PT Cruiser – so if any of you want to send your iPad in for testing … Smile

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2 thoughts on “iPad Run Over By a Car – Still Works, Laughs at Car”

  1. Thanks for brInging in this spectacular news featuring iPad! Unluckily, my country China doesn’t allow YouTube, which eliminated my belief about this, ——-how can I exactly tune it in?

  2. I also had my iPad run over by a car and I am guessing that it was at least 30 miles per hour when it was ran over but it still works fine. I left it on the roof of the car, never knew it was there, and the next morning a co-worker handed it to me and said they found it on the road. The Alum. case of the iPad isn’t even beat up much. I will need to replace the screen but the touch screen even still worked while it was completely shattered. I own every apple product that they make and every one of them will kick the crap out of any PC or mobile device. Did I mention that I am an IT Specialists for a school district so I have used them all. Bottom line, you can’t go wrong by purchasing an Apple product. You get what you pay for!

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